The AND portfolio provides solutions for a wide range of application areas.
• HFC/DOCSIS operators
• Fibre operators
• Planning offices
• Community networks and Campus networks
The arrival of DOCSIS 3.1 has given cable networks a new lease of life. Improved spectral efficiency in comparison to D3.0 along with increased available bandwidth will enable operators to offer up to 1 Gigabits/second. At a fraction of the cost of installing an FTTH network subscribers will have access to data speeds comparable to basically anything that can be offered by fibre.

AND FibreCo provides the operator with a powerful, highly evolved and efficient client software with integrated engineering for the intelligent design and documentation of DOCSIS and cable networks. The software considers the end-to-end network from the headend including CMTS right to the ONT/outlet in the apartment or home.

When it comes to accurately engineering and designing the upgrades operators deploying AND will benefit immensely from the network simulation capabilities and the sophisticated network calculations integrated in this software solution. In addition, a selection of process-supporting tools including network-wide component swap-out function and interactive web-based applications will assist planners as they set about breathing new life into the cable networks.
Whether a city, suburban, or rural FTTH/FTTx network AND provides the optimal life-cycle solution for the operator regardless of size or architecture. AND supports the operator from initial design, fine planning, build, to operations and beyond.

In addition to the client for the efficient and intelligent design and documentation of the network AND offers a wholes suite of options to facilitate day to day work – interactive Web access, interface to external map sources such as Google Maps with a WMS client, integrated DMS with photo and document uploads from the field, interfaces to monitoring systems for the visualization of alarms and component states in the network document, interfaces to address management as well as map management systems.

AND SystemSolution is essentially out-of-the-box allowing you to begin working in a productive environment within a few weeks of order placement.
Regardless of architecture – FTTH,, HFC, SMATV, etc. – AND can provide planning offices with a single solution covering all aspects of fixed network design.

Where projects are outsourced to planning offices, AND provides access via terminal server, e.g. Citrix XenApp. This not only ensures the data remains with the operator, the users are also using the current licenses and for the planning office there is literally nothing to install apart from the terminal server client.

In cases where the planning office is free to choose the solution we can quickly provide a fully loaded system for the duration of the planning process.

For smaller projects, stand-alone licenses are available.
The challenges facing community networks are normally quite different from networks in urban and suburban areas. Often made up of clusters of single dwelling units scattered over a wide area the design can be executed in AND quickly and efficiently. The positioning of pre-configured cabinets, the semi-automatic allocation of ONTs, laying of microducts, and fibre blow-in can all be completed in a matter of minutes.

One of the important tasks is collecting relevant information from the various communities. Onsite visits can be costly, however with the AND WebAccess option communities can easily participate in the data collection necessary for planning as well as contributing to the network maintenance and evolution after the initial build has been completed. And this all without having to get any AND training.

More information about community networks in German here.
Whether hospital, business park, hotel, cinema complex, gated community, university, etc. your campus network can be efficiently designed and documented in AND.

Switched Ethernet, fibre-to-the-desk, micro switches, data centres, etc. can all be designed and documented in AND with microducts, dynamic labels, power consumption, and to-scale floor plans considered.

For smaller business parks and campus centres even the stand-alone client is often sufficient. For larger establishments where interfaces to external systems such as CRM and monitoring might be required then the AND SystemSolution is ideal with delivery normally within a matter of a few weeks.