The heart and soul of the AND SystemSolution consists of AND SmartServer (middleware) as well AND GISarea (the integrated GIS).

The AND SmartServer is central to all activities in the system providing the bridge between clients and database, managing interfaces to external systems, as well as administering and keeping tabs on who is using the system.

AND GISarea, on the other hand, is responsible for all issues relating to maps, geo-references, and addresses.
AND SystemSolution incorporates a multi-tier architecture with central Oracle database. AND SmartServer has been implemented as middleware managing the exchange of data (map and network) between the database and client applications.

AND SmartServer supports long transactions via check-in/check-out mechanism. It provides version administration for network plans and component libraries and is responsible for the allocation of user rights and roles.

AND GISarea is AND’s integrated GIS with sophisticated caching allowing rapid manoeuvring through maps. A wide range of map formats is supported including DXF, DWG, KML, Shapefiles, etc.

A single Oracle database is used for both GIS as well as the network data; Oracle Spatial is not required. All network components are geo-referenced with cables are stored together with their SDO-geometries.

All objects within an address location are automatically allocated to corresponding address data with address look-up provided for street addresses, object type, etc. Not yet available addresses can be quickly generated. An interface to addresses management systems allows for export and import of address including automatic updates,

AND also provides optional interfaces to external mapping systems via WMS server/client.

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