Not everyone wants to change network plans and documentation.

Management would like to be able to access information for decision making and for purpose of reviewing activities on the network. Marketing staff are interested in obtaining information supporting them on their next promotion campaign. Field technicians want to know where and what is placed in the network so that they can react properly when it comes to resolving issues and outages. In addition, they might like a modern paperless means of redlining.

For all them there is a choice of viewers available to help with their daily work.
AND ViewIn is a powerful GIS viewer allowing the user to view, print, and review network documentation stored in the database. The user can create bill of material, perform sophisticated network checks and calculations, and generate PDFs.
The license is automatically pooled so that it can be shared by any number of users.

AND WebAccess is an optional interactive web application for smartphones, tablets, and laptops aimed primarily at field staff and providing them with an easy access to network documentation. The application has been designed to be quick, efficient, and easy to learn.

In addition, AND WebAccess provides further functions such as fibre breakage localisation and jump navigation, e.g. jump to next street cabinet. With the AND 4.11 release new functions such as signal tracing as well as QR-code and photo management for AND DocBox became available.

AND WebAccess is required for further options such as AND Redliner – for redlining and auditing – as well as AND Alert – interface to monitoring systems with visualisation of alarms and states in a web-view of the network documentation.

AND Reader is a free software for viewing, printing, and reviewing AND project files created by the AND stand-alone client license or saved in file format be the AND system client.
Please use the 'Request' button below in order to obtain your personal copy of the free AND Reader.

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