The emergence of DOCSIS 3.1 has given cable networks a new lease of life. Accepting the ensuing engineering challenges is nevertheless critical for the success of the project.
AND provides enhanced integrated RF calculations and considers the complete DOCSIS 3.1 spectrum.
AND provides enhanced integrated RF calculations allowing you to effectively simulate your network during both planning and operations. It considers the complete DOCSIS 3.1 spectrum taking the increased upstream and downstream bandwidths as well as OFDM into consideration. Please see linked document for further details.

During the DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade AND provides the operator with continuous support, both in the office as well as out on the network. Here is a quick overview of AND’s support for D3.1 upgrades – best explained with a short video clip demonstration.

  • Calculation for complete D3.1 spectrum (incl. upstream) throughout entire network, i.e. from headend to outlet
  • AND DesignAlternative option keeps D3.1 upgrade plans separate from current (≤ D3.0) documentation, essential for maintenance, separate from
  • Automated bulk swap-out of D3.0 for D3.1 components using predefined table
  • Network check function to verify viability of upgrade plan of network section with issues identified and listed
  • Interactive AND WebAccess support for both documentation and (upgrade) plans
  • Proof of work – directly upload photos before and after upgrade along with measurement reports via mobile device using PinBoard option
  • Using mobile devices field engineers can make redlinings to upload to documentation department for post-processing
  • AND PerformanceData option provides vital data for remote amplifier management tools (can significantly reduce manual intervention)