With AND we are providing a highly evolved and efficient life-cycle design and documentation solution with integrated engineering primarily for access networks including FTTH, HFC/DOCSIS, G.fast, SMATV, and campus networks.
AND is not only of significance during the planning phase but also provides essential support during operations, maintenance, as well as network evolution.
AND is a highly intuitive, easy-to-use integrated and scalable solution for all types of networks including FTTH, FTTx, and HFC/RFoG. Its ability to manage the in-building networks means it is also ideal for data centres, OLAN, and all types of campus networks.

Networks constantly change as they grow and evolve. Ensuing modifications require planning based on reliable and accurate documentation, something that is also essential for effective maintenance. AND provides the ideal software solution, accompanying the operator throughout the life-cycle of their network.

Today the software is deployed by users around the world including community networks, business parks and hospitals, established and start-up FTTx/FTTH operators, as well as cable operators of all sizes.

Components, cables, microducts etc. are documented in the AND libraries according to their technical specifications. Complex objects such as cabinets, hubs, and even apartment blocks can be created as templates for later usage.

Taking equipment characteristics into account AND models the network to a high degree of accuracy. This enables AND to calculate the optical power throughout the network and in both directions and for all wavelengths.

AND provides field technicians with interactive web-solutions using Android tablets, iPads, notebook, etc. with redlining functions, fibre breakage location (via OTDR reading), photo and QR code management, as well as signal tracing.

An interface to monitoring solutions provides near real-time display of states in the documentation while showing the common point of failure.

AND Portfolio

Software for network planning, documentation, and operations support